Races of the World

Many races call Ardania home. For most of its existence, Ardania has been a melting pot of races willing to work together for the common good. However, dark and malevolent forces have always sought to eradicate these peoples. Below is a summary of the commonly found free races.

Humans are the most prominent, but not the most important, race in the lands. Human’s politically control many of the lands, and are found in many more. Adaptable, creative, and ambitious, humans enjoy a prominence and influence no other race can match.

Devas are the mortal incarnations of the mythic “Legion of 5,000”, a group of angels who served the gods in their wars against the primordials. Now, many continue their charge of protecting the world and its people against evil, but others have turned to different goals.

Dragonborn are not natives to Ardania, but when the Great Migration happened. While many stayed in Ionia, others travelled further onto the continent to become mercenaries and wanderers.

Drow are few in number on the surface, but Enerva has exiled more than a few drow houses from the Underdark, so some drow have lived on the surface for decades. Drow are still viewed with fear and suspicion, but have gained some acceptance in the major metropolitan area of the World.

Dwarves live mostly in Katamark, fighting an eternal war with the orcs and giants. Master craftsmen, they can also be found in Thunder Rift, Sarindale, and Dasharon, but smatterings of dwarves can be found in any hilly or mountainous area.

Eladrin split their time between the Feywild and Enderia, from where they were cut off for thousands of years. Only a few eladrin lived on the world when the Feywild lost contact, and these eladrin become the forbearers of Gold elves. Now, with contact reestablished, Eladrin have once again regained their ability to travel between the two worlds. Those who spend their time on Enderia have gathered in the land of Mystia. Most people mistake eladrin for elves without better knowledge.

Elves live in the forests of Luminous, though bands of elves live elsewhere as well. Over time, many elves turned from arcane magic to the primal energy of Enderia, acting now a guardians and servants of the land. This re-connection to the land has caused the elven population to bloom, and the newly replenished race is ready for next threat to the world.

Genasi come from lands far to the south, where the power of the Primordials still held sway. A recent uprising in those lands allowed the genasi to flee the oppression of their homeland, and many traveled north in hopes of a better life. They are viewed with awe and suspicion in these new lands.

Goliaths are the descendants of those giants who turned on the Titans and sided with the Gods. Small compared to giants but massive to other races, Goliaths live in the Kastamarks in a guerilla war with true giants. Occasionally, a goliath is exiled to the lowlands, where they are greeted with stares but no distrust (except from dwarves, who still view them with suspicion).

Gnomes once were more populous in the world, but like eladrin they were refugees of the lost Feywild. When the connection became re-established, many gnomes returned in exodus to their homeland. Some gnomes still live among the other races, but many have chosen isolation to the corruption of the human world.

Half-Elves live in any place humans and elves (and rarely eladrin) live in harmony, typically along the Luminous borders and across Thunder Rift, Sarindale, and Kensale. Most half-elves are born to other half-elves, but a few are first generation elven/human crossbreeds.

Halflings live on the riverways and lakes of Enderia. Most call Kensale home, but a great many have never seen their homeland. Traders, merchants, and information brokers, halflings are welcomes across the land, but usually an eye is kept on the small-folk.

Half-orcs claim as many different origins as there are stars in the sky. They are the most common in Sarindale (near the border of the Wildlands) and alongside the Kastamarks, such as in Citazarek, Dasharon, and Thunder Rift.

Shadar-kai are descendants of humans who so feared death they sold their soul to Urthra. This deal twisted the people into a dark, pitiless people. When Urthra died, the Shadar-kai people turned to other deities for guidance. Some turned to Nyssia (Urthra’s replacement) but others turned to Vaminous to guard them instead.

Shifters are a race touched by the moon, and share common lineage with lycanthropes. The two races are bitter foes, and shifters often hunt lycanthropes (and vice-versa.) Most shifters live in wild area of the land, commonly in Luminous, Sarindale and the Wildlands.

Tieflings are the decendents of the powerful warriors and spellcasters who served Dalion in his conquest of Ardania. After Dalion’s ascension, many fled, wishing to be left alone after years of crushing brutality in Dalia. Most sought honest work and privacy. Tieflings still get long stares, but no outright hostility these days.

Warforged are the creation of Citazarek, the land of magic. Built as disposable soldiers, even the artificers who created them were startled to find their creations were far more than simple golems. Few warforged exist in the western nations (like Thunder Rift or Sithra) but are very common in the east, due to Citazarek’s shrewd selling of these replacement warriors. Many consider warforged free-willed and thus give them normal rights, but Citazarek still considers them property.

Dopplegangers (Viscarant) are the hidden race, using their shapechanging ability to blend into the towns and cities of the rift. They are always encountered in urban areas where they can use their abilities to their fullest. Few races trust them and most are weary of them when they appear in their true form.

Other races exist as well. Sometimes, humanoids like orcs, goblinoids or kobolds rise beyond their monstrous nature to become heroes. Other races come from areas far beyond the Wildlands, across the sea, and even from the other planes themselves. More details on these races will be reveal when the time is right.

Races of the World

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